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If you want a bridging loan then we have some of the best rates in the UK with rates that are not on the open market we compare all UK Lenders.

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We work with all of the bridging loan lenders in the UK and have been comparing loans for over 15 years, loans are on a non status basis and are for all types of property commercial and residential and also mixed commercial and residential.

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Property Bridging Loans
A Bridging loan can help you buy your nest property even if you have yet to sell your own. They are also used to release cash quickly if you already own a property and need access to cash quickly. They can be taken out for as little as 1 month up to 18 months, any status is fine and all interest can be rolled up.

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Where do you provide bridging finance?

We work with lenders that offer bridging loans anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales.


How long do they last and how much can be borrowed?

Bridging loans are short term finance, lasting no more than 12 months you can however, choose any length of time up to 12 months. In very rare circumstance a lender will allow a 6 month extension. The amount that you can borrow is determined by the loan to value, usually, lenders will lend up to 75% loan to value, you can get up to 100% of the property value if you have another property that can be used for security.


What is the interest rate for a bridging loan?

Bridging loan interest rates start from 4% per month of the loan amount because they are a short-term loan, interest rates are always more than a typical mortgage or business loan. You can use our bridging loan calculator to calculate what your costs are likely to be. So if you had a bridging loan for £50,000 then your monthly payment for interest charges would be £200 on the outstanding loan.


Bridging loans are more expensive than a traditional mortgage however this should be offset by the fact that a loan will provide a benefit to you. I.E getting to purchase a property that you would not have been able to you or buying and selling a property for a profit. I a situation where someone has exchanged contracts on their current home but wants to buy a property before completing bridging finance is there to bridge the gap. You could also use a bridging loan for buying at auction as you only have 28 days to complete.


How long does it take for funds to be received?

Bridging loan funds can be released in as little as 72 hours, providing all the paperwork can be completed in time. However because you have to take into account legal paperwork valuations etc, you should really allow 2-4 weeks, it could be even longer in a complicated situation.


What is an exit strategy?

Bridging lenders will always ask you what your exit strategy is, I.E how will you repay the loan, it could be by selling the property or raising cash from another source or selling your existing home or any other method that you will have available to demonstrate that you will have the funds to redeem the loan when it falls due.


What costs do bridging loans come with?

Besides the interest rate, you will be asked to pay a surveyor to carry out a valuation, your legal fees and the legal fees of the bridging lenders solicitors and also arrangement fees of between 1 and 2% of the loan amount.


Can the loan be paid before the end of the term?

Yes, loans can be paid off at any time without incurring penalties, you will only ever be charged for the time the loan was outstanding at a daily interest rate.


Does a poor credit history affect my chances of getting a bridging loan?

As the security of a bridging loan is on a property, a poor credit history usually doesn’t affect your chances but it will affect the rate of interest that a lender will offer.

Some bridging finance is FCA regulated and for these you would need an authorised and regulated firm.

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