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A Bridging loan Scotland, bridging loans are available throughout the UK with specialist providers based in Scotland  and also other areas of the UK, obviously a Scottish lender has more of a feel for the market and understands the types of property that are offered as security for their loans, we deal with all of the bridging loan lenders who offer finance in Scotland and so can go through your best options for obtaining a loan.


Bridging loans are basically a short-term mortgage that is put in place to bridge the gap this could be before you either sell your property and want to buy another one or it could be to get some cash out of one you already own to meet a shortfall in your finances, whatever the reason a bridging loan could be the answer 


Bridging loans are available for up to one year, although as they are flexible terms can be from just one month, it really depends on your circumstance and what you are looking to achieve with your loan as you only pay for the days that the loan is outstanding it pays to take the loan out for one year to cover you for any delays in repayment, you will not pay anymore fixed costs if the loan is for one week or one year so we would recommend giving yourself the extra time for repayment.


Interest rates start at 0.4% per month and are calculated on a daily basis so you will only ever pay for the days that the loan was outstanding, bridging loans also carry an arrangement fee of 2% of the total loan value and do not come with any redemption fees for early repayment.


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