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Santander Bridging Loans

Santander Bridging Loans Santander is a Spanish bank that trades in the UK its presence in the UK was formed when it took over Abbey National a former building society that converted into a full-blown bank when building societies decided to enter the banking market offering many more financial products such as personal loans and other retail financial products, previously building societies just offered their members mortgages so by becoming a bank they were able to expand the product range and enter the banking market, as far as we know a Santander bridging loan calculator is not available however we do offer a bridging loan calculator to work out your bridging loan costs.


We are not aware if Santander offer bridging loans but if they do like other high street banks it would probably be to existing customers only when buying a property before they had arranged the sale of their own property, they can also be used if a property chain that you are in falls apart through one of the buyers or sellers pulling out at the last minute, this would cause the chain to collapse and potential buyers and sellers would  not be in a position to complete the transaction.


Bridging Loans are secured against a property with a charge by the lender this is usually a first charge but can also be a second charge a second charge is usually when the borrower is looking to release equity from a property that they already own, although it could also be used if you were offering two properties for security this would normally be if you were, for instance, buying a property before selling yours, so the lender would take a charge on both properties.


We can compare bridging loans for all high street lenders and many more who are not high street names but are active in the bridging loan marketplace.


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