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RBS Bridging Loans, Royal Bank Of Scotland Bridging Loan Calculator

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RBS Bridging Loans, Interest, a Calculator to work out your  Bridging Loan Costs.

About RBS Bridging Loans

RBS stands for Royal Bank of Scotland, royal bank of Scotland under Fred Godwin went on a massive buying spree taking over high street banks such as Natwest and many more provincial bank, just as the financial crisis hit they entered a bidding war for  Ambro a dutch bank which was a disaster, when the financial markets collapsed the British government had to step in and bail out the group with a £40 billion plus loan, the bank is still owned by the British government although they are keen to sell off the outstanding stake as soon as possible, subsequently Fred Goodwin was stripped of his knighthood and the bank started to sell off core assets of the business.


Royal Bank Of Scotland is considered one of the six high street banks and offers customers all of the financial products associated with this status including financial products such as bridging loans and finance, secured and personal loans and also finance for business such as development finance, asset finance secured against plant and machinery, business loans overdrafts and working capital loans.


RBS bridging loans are always secured against property and they can be secured against any property type such as residential, commercial mixed residential and commercial and even land with or without planning permission


When looking for an RBS Bridging loan you would normally need to be an existing client or at best have some outstanding finance with them such as a personal loan or mortgage. Usually a high street bank will offer up to 60% loan to value, however with a specialist bridging loan lender loans can be available at up to 100% loan to value And very often the interest rates that are available to you are far more competitive, with rates as low as 0.4% per month and specialist lenders are usually far more flexible in their approach, for instance, they will offer loans to customers with no previous track record of having finance with them.


RBS Bridging loans can be for anything from 1 month up to 12 months, as these are considered to be a short-term loan, in effect, they are really a short-term mortgage secured against the property until additional funding can be arranged to pay off the bridging loan.



An RBS Bridging Loan can be used for


  • Get access to capital you have tied up in a property
  • Make a Purchase at Auction
  • Buy a Property before selling yours


You can use the loan for whatever you want too there are no restrictions on what you do with the cash.



Bridging Loan Criteria


  • Bridging loans are from £25k with no upper limit
  • The loan can be repaid after as little as 1 month
  • Funds can be available to you in as little as one week



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