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Only certain bridging loans are FCA regulated if you are intending to move into the property currently live in the property or any member of you your family will be living in the property either now or in the future then this is considered a regulated loan, what this means is that you will need to use an FCA Regulated broker to arrange the bridging loan on your behalf, because the property is or will be your primary residence you will be subject to affordability tests as if you were to take out a traditional mortgage and these have to be on an advised basis to see if you qualify for a loan.


A non-regulated bridging loan is a bridging loan that is lent out for a property that the borrower will not be living in these are non-regulated by the FCA and considered to be like a business transaction and so you would not be liable to any affordability tests.


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A Bridging loan is used to purchase a residential property or could also be used to release capital from your existing home, this could be for whatever reasons you require the capital for, this could include anything from clearing unexpected bills, raising funds for your business, or catching up with mortgage arrears, in fact, you can use the money for anything you like.


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