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THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE SECURING OTHER DEBTS AGAINST YOUR HOME. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP THE PAYMENTS ON A MORTGAGE OR ANY OTHER DEBT SECURED ON IT. Secured Loan Representative Example: Annual interest rate 6% variable, representative 8.1% APRC based on borrowing £25,000 over 24 monthly repayments of £1139.27 total amount repayable £26,592.37 includes a lender fee of £250.00 and a broker arrangement fee of £500.00 and Interest of £1,592.33 The Minimum Repayment Term is 3 Months And the maximum is 24 months The Maximum  rates for customers with severe credit problems is 20% APR variable  including interest rate fees and other costs. Natwest Secured Loans Home

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Natwest Secured Loans


If you are looking for a Natwest secured loan there are many more options available to you that with literally 100s of loans that could well fit your circumstances more than a Natwest Secured Loan, there are also many more loan companies that offer a multitude of financial packages for secured loans, a secured loan is a loan that is secured against your property, it is basically a second mortgage, that will be repaid monthly just as you do with your standard mortgage, with a term that is agreed  which can be anything from 1-20 years, the thing is with a secured loan from Natwest or any other lender you will need to have enough equity in your home to give a lender enough value to secure their loan against the property, these loans are also only available for homeowners who have an outstanding mortgage.


Uses for Natwest Secured Loans.


A secured loan can be used for many purposes, typically they can be used for any of the following


Home Improvement Secured Loans.


Secured loans are often used for home improvement, this would include such things as a new kitchen, bathroom, extension or emergency repairs there are no restrictions on what you use the money for.


Debt Consolidation.


Many people use their secured loan for debt consolidation, by clearing expensive debt such as credit cards and any other form of finance you have outstanding you can replace them with a secured loan with one monthly repayment, which will usually be considerably less than your current outgoings.


Any Other Reasons.


You can actually use your Natwest Secured Loan or any other secured loan for any legal purpose unlike say a car loan although it is secured against your house, there are no restrictions on what you spent it on as long as it is legal the loan is yours to use for whatever you wish to use it for.


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Natwest Secured Loans

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